KHôRADA "SALT" album cover
KHôRADA "SALT" black vinyl
KHôRADA "SALT" clear vinyl
KHôRADA "SALT" full box set

Praise for SALT, available July 20th 2018 via


"Khôrada’s sound builds upon a bedrock of gloom that is always just shy of that optimistic break, and that is what makes Salt so endearing and addictive. It will draw you in and keep you on tenterhooks as it almost reaches climax on each of its eight song.” - Decibel Magazine

"There's enough heavy there to keep your air-guitar in full swing, yet melody is paramount – making sure those riffs and melodic underpinnings keep you heading back to that repeat button." - Revolver Magazine

"Salt is a dynamic, heavy, beautiful album, and for as much as it’s a heavy metal album with great riffs and solos and clenched-fist mettle and works splendidly on those terms, if you set aside your expectations of what an album is supposed to do, you might find that it wants to sound a deeper resonance." - Last Rites

Within a vacuum, this album may be seen as ambitious, something cerebral and progressive, but there is so much more at work once the listener breaks that element of poisonous expectation. Salt is… fun, almost unexpectedly for something so varied and complex, but it exudes a mammoth emotional energy. Something infectious and effusive. - Invisible Oranges

"Coming from a group of individuals who have expressed their talent time and again, it certainly isn’t surprising that their first outing is such a high-quality release, but it still needs to be stated how good of an album this is. Assuming that KHôRADA are here to stay and not just a one-off project from these guys, there’s plenty of reason to be excited already about this band’s future. Salt is a beautiful journey through a churning, melancholic sea that hits all the right marks for excellence." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"Khôrada’s entrance into the world was born out of chaos, but their existence is breathing new life into metal in all different forms. Their debut “Salt” is one of the most astonishing debut records, in any form of music, in some time, and their sounds should have a ripple effect downward as people respond to their creative burst." - Meat Mead Metal


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