From left to right: Jason Walton - bass, Don Anderson - guitar, Aaron John Gregory - guitar, vocals, Aesop Dekker - drums

Photo by Cody Keto, 2017.

Following the abrupt dissolution of the world renown, post-black-metal band, Agalloch, and the indefinite hiatus of the critically acclaimed, cult, doom-rock band, Giant Squid, a new band - KHôRADA - was formed. In August of 2016, the formation of the band was announced to great excitement and surprise among the metal world.


~ INVISIBLE ORANGES - Introducing: KHôRADA (ex-Agalloch, Giant Squid) ~

KHôRADA features Don Anderson (guitar), Aesop Dekker (drums), and Jason Walton (bass) of Agalloch, with Giant Squid frontman, Aaron John Gregory (guitar and vocals).


Upon forming, the band immediately started writing their debut album entitled, SALT, and quickly penned a deal with German based label, Prophecy Productions, to release it.  

KHôRADA entered The Hallowed Halls recording studio in Portland, Oregon in July of 2017 with legendary producer, Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Agalloch, Pallbearer) and completed the basic tracking for SALT. Remaining guitar and vocal work was recorded in Oakland at Sharkbite Studios, also with Billy Anderson at the helm, and the neighboring Antisleep Studios with producer Scott Evans.

The album features guest appearances by the following members of Giant Squid; Jackie Perez Gratz on cello, Andrew Southard on keys, Nate Perkins on trumpet, and Bryan Beeson providing transitional noise pieces. 

All album artwork was done by renown San Francisco artist, Cedric Wentworth. 

SALT was released by Prophecy Productions on July 20th, 2018 to vast international acclaim which often described the album as a profoundly emotional, completely unique take on progressive metal.

In December of 2018, KHôRADA played its first live performances ever in support of YOB in San Francisco and Portland.