High Marks and Stellar Praise Keep Washing in for SALT

Lots of high marks and stellar reviews have been coming in for Salt over the last two weeks. Trying to catch up with them all! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give our debut a thorough listen and share their positive thoughts on it.


“Outstanding debut of a band which really deserves the title “supergroup” (Former Agalloch & Giant Squid members) but doesn’t need any namedropping! That’s progressive music like it’s supposed to be; brave, emotional, intelligent and surprising! Highly recommended to everybody who can deal with a mixture of doom, sludge, rock and roll, and black metal.” MUSIK KÖLBL, 10/10

“ Really, the entire album needs to be listened to multiple times before its majesty is truly revealed and appreciated. Mere words from a reviewer do no justice.” Terra Relicta, 9/10…/all-reviews/9612-khorada-salt…

“Salt shows what musicians can do with experience and inhibition, the concepts it harbors displays the band whose members are able to run with any musical ideas they wish, unabashed and free from the constraints of a defined template.” NOIZR, 9/10…/review-of-khorada-ex-agalloch-de…/:2214/

“The Khôrada, a unexpected and sweet surprise…” Metal Perver, 8.5/10

“…the structure of the songs is, very modern, with great progression and innovative switches between the motions. However, pidgeon-holing this band would be an affront to music, so rich is their sonic plateau. Whilst this sounds clichéd and you’ve heard it a hundred times before, take Salt for a spin and see what I mean.” It Djents 8.5/10

“This is forward looking progressive rock/metal which straddles several genre boundaries. It is cerebral and emotive and yet visceral, heartfelt and honest.” Ave Noctum, 8/10…/khorada-salt-prophecy-productio…/

“Epic Metal ? Gothic prog ? Sludge on coke? In the marching " Glacial Gold " one even hears implied postpunk elements. At the latest after two to three rounds, the listener gradually learns the nuanced complexity, her virtuoso handling of tones and words and the high entertainment value of this breakneckness.”, 4/5 stars

“With resplendent melody, delicate energy, and a beautiful delivery, Salt is an unexpected album that’s completely captivating in its presentation and effectiveness.” Wonderbox Metal…/…/23/kho%CC%82rada-salt-review/

“There is immediate appeal simply from the quality of music on offer, but the real power of Salt only becomes evident with repeated listens, with this being an album that is not so much enjoyed as it is experienced. ” The Sound Not the Word

“This is a work for people full of anger and world pain who want to delight in outstanding technical and compositional skills, in playful details (the wonderful guitars alone!), And who are open to the unusual.” Vampster